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Our Ultimate Zion Adventure: Boondocking Tales & Must-Do Hikes

We thought we had seen the best of Utah’s national parks after our incredible boondocking adventure near Bryce Canyon. But little did we know, Zion was about to blow us away in a completely different way! Join us as we navigate the challenges of finding an epic boondocking spot for our 44-foot toy hauler near Zion, conquer the knee-trembling heights of Angels Landing, and get drenched in the Virgin River while hiking The Narrows. Plus, we stumble upon a stunning scenic drive that quickly became our favorite secret spot away from the crowds. If Zion is on your RV travel bucket list (and trust us, it should be!), you won’t want to miss our latest off-grid camping tales and insider tips for making the most of this desert wonderland! 

Is Boondocking Near Zion National Park Really Possible for Big Rigs?


Boondocking, or dry camping without hookups, near the incredibly popular Zion National Park is a tall order – especially if yo u have a larger RV. With crowds flocking to this Utah paradise, finding an off-grid campsite big enough for big rigs can seem next to impossible. But we took our 44-foot Alliance Valor toy hauler and managed to score an epic boondocking spot just minutes from Zion’s gates.

Here’s what worked for us:

    • We camped on Sheep Bridge Road, a BLM area right off State Highway 9 near the park entrance. While a bit bumpy and washboard-like, the main gravel road was navigable for our rig’s size.

    • Doing extensive research upfront on sites like Campendium and RV Life app reviews was key. I poured over photos and details to ensure Sheep Bridge could accommodate our 44-footer.

    • Once there, we had Barry scout the area on his mountain bike first to evaluate potential sites and offshoots before committing with the RV’s length.

The spot we settled on ticked every box – incredible views, a ready-made fire pit, and ample space to back our rig into without issues. However, a few days into our stay:


    • A landowner politely informed us we were actually camping on private property adjacent to the BLM land, not public lands as we thought

    • Despite no posted signs, he allowed us to remain since other RVers had issues with missing signage too

So while Sheep Bridge Road itself offered awesome boondocking for our big rig near Zion, do your full due diligence on land ownership. With proper planning and scouting, boondocking Zion in a larger RV is absolutely achievable!

Angels Landing vs The narrows: Which Iconic Zion Hike is Right for You? 

Of the two iconic Zion hikes we took on, Angels Landing and The Narrows, each left me with vastly different impressions and experiences. Angels Landing is no joke – the final brutally steep section with those notorious support chains will really test your mental fortitude.

I’ll admit, when we arrived at the chains towards the end of the 5-mile Angels Landing trail, I had to confront my fear of heights head-on. Despite doing okay on the initial set of chains, that final exposed ridge line was just too anxiety-inducing for me. The consequence of one mis-step was too difficult to get past mentally. So very reluctantly, I had to turn back before reaching the pivotal summit viewpoint.

The Narrows, however, provided a completely contrasting experience that allowed me to embrace Zion’s geological wonders more intimately. Yes, hiking right through the Virgin River meant getting intentionally drenched and required purpose-built gear like waterproof canyoneering boots and dry pants that we rented from an outfitter in Springdale. But the upside was an almost surreal journey wading between those towering 1,000 ft sandstone walls with carved pockets of hanging gardens.

While shorter in length than the full Narrows through-hike, our roughly 2-hour out-and-back section was more than enough to showcase Zion’s unique beauty from the riverbed level. The Narrows hike was challenging in its own way, with uneven rocks underfoot to navigate, but felt more approachable for most skill levels compared to Angels Landing’s sheer drops.




Zion’s Best kept Secret: The Jaw-Dropping Sceinc Drive You can’t-miss.

While the main canyon of Zion National Park deservedly gets most of the attention, we discovered an incredible hidden gem just outside the park boundaries that completely blew us away. The Kolob Reservoir area and scenic drive leading to it was so stunning, we actually did it twice!

Barry first stumbled onto the Kolob Reservoir almost accidentally. While searching for a fishing spot close to our boondocking campsite, he ventured up the Kolob Terrace Road and kept climbing higher and higher into the mountains. The views along the drive left him so awestruck that as soon as he got back to our RV, he insisted we pack up the dog and take the drive together to fully soak in the beauty.

And wow, Barry certainly wasn’t exaggerating! The Kolob Terrace Road snakes and switchbacks its way up from the valley floor, serving up endless pullouts with breathtaking vistas of the finger canyons and sculpted sandstone landscapes below. With the fall foliage just starting to pop, it felt like we were in a real-life postcard. And the reservoir itself at the end was so serene and scenic, with lots of shoreline pockets for a picnic, fishing or just releasing the dog to splash around. We loved that this section of the park was so peaceful and crowd-free compared to the main Zion canyon mayhem.

We hope our tales of off-grid camping and insider tips have inspired you to add Zion to your own RV travel bucket list. If you enjoyed coming along on our Zion adventures, be sure to subscribe to the “Like There’s No Tomorrow” community to stay in the loop on all our latest videos, boondocking resources, and full-time RV living insights. Trust us, we have plenty more exciting destinations and misadventures to share – you won’t want to miss a single upload!

So what are you waiting for? Grab your hiking boots, load up the RV, and get ready to EXPLORE Like There’s No Tomorrow!


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